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Monday Mixtape August 20: Prince, Death Cab For Cutie & Elle King

Every Monday, Up All Afternoon delivers the Monday Mixtape. It's six tracks to start your music-consuming week off the right way. 

Prince, "Acknowledge Me" 
Even more than two years later, the death of Prince still looms. Unlike many of the legends we have lost in the past few years, Prince still seemed to be finding career peaks. He was never going to eclipse his God mode run from Dirty Mind through Sign O The Times (which includes Purple Rain, perhaps the best album in the history of pop music), but he was still bench testing the elasticity of increasingly wicked funk grooves and still maintaining an adventurous and mischievous musical spirit. Up until the very moment of his death, the narrative on Prince was that he was an artist who had only recently emerged from an artistic desert and was working steadily—both in the studio and on the road—to reclaim his rightful place in the pantheon. 

Some of that narrative is about to be rewritten.

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Monday Mixtape July 16 2018: Wiz Khalifa, The Hunna & The Ramones

Every Monday, Up All Afternoon delivers the Monday Mixtape. It's six tracks to start your music-consuming week off the right way. 

The Hunna, "Dare"
We played a lot of the Hunna's debut album on Alt Nation, though their follow-up does not seem to be gaining the same sort of traction. That's a shame, because the Hunna have smoothed out their sound and built a sturdy monument to mid-'90s Britpop shot through a very 2018 electronic lens. Most modern bands process their guitars all to hell, but the Hunna leave in just enough crunch to remind you that banging on a six-string is a deeply visceral act (and much more physically engaging than, say, twisting a sampler knob). NOTE: Not a cover of Stan Bush's awesomely cheesy song from the animated Transformers movie. 

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This Week's Top 10: Novelty Rap Songs From Movies

On the way to Disneyland last weekend, I was listening to the Back in the Day Replay on '90s on 9. I love those old countdown shows because they often resurrect songs that certainly had their moments at the time but have otherwise been forgotten by history. Such was the case on Sunday when Partners in Kryme's "Turtle Power" popped up somewhere in the 20s. That was the theme song to the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, which dominated the box office in the spring of 1990 (it was number one for four straight weeks and was the fifth biggest movie of that year). "Turtle Power" is a very silly song that very intricately describes the characters and action of the movie, a phenomenon that used to be pretty commonplace but is now mostly dead. 

But some of those songs, despite their novelty status, are great! And so I decided to dig deep in the archives and unearth the top 10 novelty rap songs attached to movies. 

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This Week's Top 10: One-Album Wonders

Fifteen years ago this week, Zwan released their debut album Mary Star of the Sea. The band, led by then-former Smashing Pumpkins cohorts Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin and fleshed out by a bunch of indie and post-grunge all-stars (Paz Lenchantin from A Perfect Circle, Dave Pajo from Slint, Matt Sweeney from Chavez), maintained the infectious melodies of the best Pumpkins tunes and pushed the production into a much glammier and prog-inflected direction. It felt like the first step of a promising second act for Corgan, but it ended up being the band's only release because Corgan remains an exceptionally difficult person with whom to work. 

Zwan's Mary Star of the Sea remains a great album, and it joins the pantheon of great one-album wonders—artists who made one exceptional album and one album only. Here are the 10 best of those.   

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